Where to Stay In Camps Bay

Camps Bay is a great place to go on holiday – you get to enjoy the fantastic views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic is right there. But where will you stay? There are several options and we look at them here briefly along with their pros and cons.
Hotels – there are many tourist hotels in the Camps Bay area and many of them offer top quality hospitality. If you choose to stay in a hotel you can expect to enjoy ready meals and hotel facilities but you should know that these cost a lot of money. Camp Bay is a great place for family holidays so if you plan to bring everyone along make sure that you have enough money saved.
Motel – this is not a bad idea for young travellers who are looking for a place to stash their bags while they explore Camps Bay. However do not expect much by way of hospitality – you will be able to get breakfast but don’t expect more than that. Your living quarters may also not be very comfortable.
Self Catering cottage – these are cottages that you can hire for the duration of your holiday. They come fully furnished and the only difference between them and a hotel is that you don’t have hotel staff to cater to you – you have to cook your own meals. You will enjoy all the amenities of a first class hotel with the only difference being the meals.
Self catering villas – these work much the same way like self catering cottages but they are bigger and you may get more amenities. Because they are bigger you can bring along more friends and family on a Table Mountain holiday that will not cost too much.
One of the best villas for hire is Camps Bay. You can find out more on their website, http://campsbay.oceansandvineyards.co.za/.