Richmond Dentist

Imagine this – one day you are in the office preparing for a very important presentation and then a silly accident happens and you chip a front tooth. What then? Will you do your presentation like that? Likely not – you need to see a dentist right away. Many people, especially those who do not have dental issues do not have a dentist that they can see on emergency basis. When they have an accident such as the one described above they end up scrambling and oftentimes they do not get the best dental care.
Anyone can have a dental emergency so it is important to know a dentist that you can go to at such times. Not all dentists take emergency cases. In fact, in many dental practices patients have to wait for weeks to get an appointment. An emergency dentist is one who can see you anytime day or night and provide and provide interim care until they can come up with a more comprehensive course of treatment.
One commonly asked question is whether emergency dentists cost more. The answer is yes, oftentimes they do. It is only fair – if a dentist has to set everything aside so that they can attend to you it is only fair that they charge you more. However, a good dentist will make sure that they don’t charge exorbitant prices for emergency care. They charge a small percentage of the total bill so it should not make that much of a difference to how much you eventually pay.
If you have frequent dental emergencies you should talk to your dentist about better oral care. Is there anything you can do to ensure that your teeth are healthier? If your problems are caused by medication you can talk to your doctor about putting you on a different treatment that will be kinder to your teeth.
Once you find a good emergency dentist you should make them your permanent dentist. It allows them to have a full profile of your dental health so that they can provide better dental care. Talk to them freely about any dental issues you may be experiencing. It is important that you choose a dentist that you feel free to talk to so that you don’t feel it necessary to hold information back that can be used to provide you better treatments.
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